Volvo bertone coupe 262

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  • Дата публикации: 05 May 2018
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Patrik Engberg 05 May 2018

I just got one today. To bad Dennis passed away and that’s how I ended up with it. Was going to buy it in ‘08. But bought Cadillac instead. I’m from Sweden and I am born the same year as mine and I am happy to have it. Motor no good. Should I rebuild or do a conversion to the 5.0?

Campervan Elvis I toof on you 09 May 2018

I always thought it was an ugly car.

Nicholas Coope 11 May 2018

uk spec cars had multi spoke turbine style wheels. love these cars.

The Last Word 16 May 2018

I bought one myself. A 1978 Volvo 262C Bertone Coupe. Rode like a tank. But a well appointed car. I still have the crowns.

CJ Johnston 18 May 2018

Sweet car. I ve seen exactly 1 of them here in Ireland (Stillorgan to be precise, back around 85). Love the PRV V6 engine, Dad had it in a different car around the same time.

TFK Volvo 740 Turbo 1987 23 May 2018

In one word: beautiful. Don t sell the original wheels, you ll have a hard time to find them again in this condition. Thanks for pulling this Volvo from your garage and taking the time to share it with us.

RufusdeRossi 28 May 2018

Very, very nice but next time pop the hood and let s hear it -)

tenchimuyio 30 May 2018

I trying to rebuild my moms 78 262c now. I wanna redo it for her. Needs alot of work but its pretty solid with not lot of rust. I think engine is no good though.

staestanks 02 June 2018

1. Overhaul the oilpump 2.Get a new waterpump

Greg M 05 June 2018

I ve just bought myself a 1977 264 GL, these cars are so full of character, they are great! Your car is beautiful, I m in an Oz Volvo forum, can I share your video? We enjoy seeing these classic Volvo.

Dan Druft 07 June 2018

Shit it looks so old these days

Ken Blair 12 June 2018

I have a 262c just like yours located in Southern Indiana for sale $800.00, buyer to pay shipping and alll sales tax, etc. Note the troublesome PRV engine has cracked heads. A couple grand and you will have a sweet ride. Placing on craigslist next week asking $1,000.00. Ken Blair [email protected]

Nathan Hartley 14 June 2018

The engine s are TURDS! B-230 f motor w/turbo would have been superior if installed.

Allesmalle 16 June 2018

My friend have 1 of these. It has gone 300 swedish miles and still smells new.

sealance 22 June 2018

I remember one reviewer describing it as a pregnant refrigerator with a beret on it :)

SEARCHDESTROY57 27 June 2018

My mistake, I meant Lambda Sond.

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