Volkswagen fox руководство на русском

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carunlock 03 March 2018 car alarm keyless repeater

Kerzen 07 March 2018

I purchased one of these. I could not get it work :(I could not find a positiv cable on my car. I will try the battery may be.

De Almeida Aurelie 09 March 2018

Comment le monter sur Renault espace 3 pourriez vous m aider svp

haajee1 16 March 2018

It looks like the video is playing on different speed?

Brad Michael 17 March 2018

how do you PAIR or repair remotes or new remotes to this?

A Team 23 March 2018

can some one please help where do i get this from?

AndersDog94 27 March 2018

this kit can give a negative trigger and positive trigger right?


Whitch wires are for the lock & unlock only please i need this


Ur the man thank you for the vid

Cliff Dukes 08 April 2018

Has anyone had any issues with this kit? Outside of my car I can lock the doors but the unlock only works when I m inside the car.

Giorgio Coreno 14 April 2018

Can you tell me how to wire the cables with the colors? From the video you do not see I understand well. Thank you

beboploo 19 April 2018

works fine on my for fiesta 2003 thanks for your help

Cristian 25 April 2018

Will you have the manual in digital? Pdf or jpg you can send me my email [email protected] good video!

Mr. Thabiso Mkhonta 28 April 2018

hie please send me your contact number to my email: [email protected]

Kiwironic 01 May 2018

Good explanation man, I took out my car door and saw how the lock switch works, wired it and all good now. I didn t use the orange cables and wired the yellow ones to black as this seems to be the way the factory lock works

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