Ошибка b2799 toyota land cruiser

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ABDULLAH . K . T 04 March 2018

Yes thats good idea to get the FUEL CUT-OFF, so the engine will get immobilized, vehicle will be saved from thieves.

campokid1pr 11 March 2018

What he s removing is a relay, not a fuse. Anyway, thanks for the tutorial video.

amiin heroflive 17 March 2018

I have a Suzuki grand vetera 2000 the it s not start immobiliser ignition my key remote lost what I do

Mike George 24 March 2018

Mr learn tech this is not fuse this is relay and how many times you have to open the hood to unplug the fuuuuuuse as you say just do it from inside fuse box or starter wire with relay normally closed

HEcho En Me Home 30 March 2018

03 Dodge Neon can I bypass the immobiliser?

Jacques Poirier 04 April 2018

you call for trouble! the relays are not designed to be unplugged on a continuous base, the con nectors would become loose very rapidly and you call for bugs! best install a switch on the signal if you absolutely want to cut off the injection

repcsi 10 April 2018

The problem with this is that you can use a bigger wire to just short the part of the relay that gets closed normally :) . But hey it s still more than nothing!

Marisela Flores garcia 15 April 2018

si lo pudieran traducir en español gracias

Bhong Zaragosa 19 April 2018

brother! that is not a fuse.that is a relay.and your idea is very akward.and not helpul.example if you are emergency situation it a big mistake.2000 up toyota already built with immo.

Naano89 24 April 2018

do you know that you have stock immo in your car? 2000> toyotas have immochip in keys.

Pierre C 27 April 2018

You can also take the wheels, and the steering, and bring them with you. Then you are completely safe. Hmmm.

Louis Carter 04 May 2018

How about remove the fuel pump fuse, Over complicated for a simple procedure.

Mario Robles 08 May 2018

what abouth if switch the horn relay to efi the car will start

U Sancars 12 May 2018

That s not special fuse, It s call relay. if you remove this relay just loop a wire to the big pin to start this car ) Also this Toyota have factory fitted cat 2 immobilizer without the original key very hard to make a copy key.

Guitargreat 15 May 2018

What happens when they put a fuse in it then steal it

Juanillo Ortega 21 May 2018

yeah. very cheap way to make problems to your car and also make a lot of false failcodes in your ecu. And please this not a fuse its a relay. before try to teaching you have to learn. and this not a special toyota fuse. its a standar fuelpump relay whith a toyota stiker 

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