Размер дисков сузуки свифт 2008

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  • Дата публикации: 06 May 2018
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General Rigs242 06 May 2018

Could this be a reason why I hear a horrible knock from the rear of my car while driving every so often?

Renegade Moto 07 May 2018

I wish Citron drums were this easy to do.

Miguel Fernandez 12 May 2018

Why do you have to make the Emergency brake cable lose

Miguel Fernandez 15 May 2018

Do you have to bleed the rear breaks after you replaced them

Jay Kay 20 May 2018

Thanks. You are a life saver. keep on!

Get High 23 May 2018

9:49 гайки одевай))) русский язык))

GrimStrider 29 May 2018

Yeeeeee. that russian accent <3

Naomi McCoy 01 June 2018

how or what do i do if i got a little pin hole in the brake cylinder seal or cap whatever its called and can i replace it do i buy a new cylinder all together or can i buy just the little rubber seals and are they hard to replace

Ivo Jara 02 June 2018

Hahaha, you are the perfect mechanic, I wish I had three hands like you. :) btw, thanks, excellent video.

anthony serra 05 June 2018

My sx4 has disc at the back. Do you a have a video? disc with emergency bake shoes.

Eric Pugh 11 June 2018

Great Video Thanks. Really Helped Me

jimmimak 17 June 2018

The video says bolt type in description, but it s not there. Is it M8 or something?

Serik Minaliev 22 June 2018

можно всё ваше видео на русском языке о сузуки? Вы ведь на русском говорите!

Steve Edwards 27 June 2018

I have a suzuki swift 1.3ddis 2005 - are my rear brakes the same as these? Brilliant video by the way - I am not great at mechanics but I could follow your instructions easily. Thanks. Steve

Norsology 29 June 2018

Nice video. Same brake drum design used on Suzuki Ignis I (FH) 2000-2005.

Gary Porter 02 July 2018

Good videos, but to anyone looking to start doing stuff like this, I d suggest investing in a good set of ratcheting ring spanners (GearWrench are a decent price, don t need to go daft on Snap-On), speeds things up no end for stuff like that 10mm handbrake cable!

mikethk 06 July 2018

Thx ALTO LOT. Works for Alto 2005 aswell. Very much the same, if not 100% the same. BUT. You need better tools, SIGH.

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