Субару аутбек и форестер

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  • Дата публикации: 21 January 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:11:59

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Georgia Stagg 22 January 2018

Thanks for that review. Opened my eyes to the outback and what it has to offer. Cheers

fast22fast 25 January 2018

I was going to purchase the Forester but after a test drive, drove an Outback on the same route and picked it for the better ride, lower noise, more comfort and minimal price difference. That being said what this comparison is missing is a test drive.

CSRT4LYFE 28 January 2018

Now instead of a Forester XT, I think I want a 3.6R lol Fantastic review!

johnpa2006 03 February 2018

I have a 2010 Forester, and my wife has a 2011 Outback. The seat in the Outback is wonderful I can drive all day and not have my back and tailbone feel sore. The Forester seat feels like memory foam stapled to a sheet of plywood by comparison.

Jack Murphy 09 February 2018

Outback ya right. Try to take Kayak on the worst luggage carrier EVER. Even aftermarket options are poor.Aside from that the vehicle IS great.

Fred Hollander 11 February 2018

Very complicated to change the time. I travel between time zones frequently. Big pain to change.

nahshon white 17 February 2018

The outback should have the Forested rims

nahshon white 21 February 2018

Land Rover Defender 110 models, Toyota Land cruiser then Outback - All Good

Charlene Gonzalez 26 February 2018

I would take the outback because who wants a car that had the same styling since 2012

D Tom 01 March 2018

6 cal outback has a metal timing belt which never needs service. The 4 cal models of Outback and Forester need replacement.

Brian Wilson 07 March 2018

Outback was more expensive than Forester in Texas. This makes it a no comparison contest for me!

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