Panamera porsche top gear

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  • Дата публикации: 04 January 2018
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Aiden HEHE 04 January 2018

Why does everyone hate the look of the Panamera? I personally think the 2009 variant looks better than the 2017 Turbo S.

Stefan Huber 10 January 2018

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Giuseppe Albergo 15 January 2018

Maserati of course. Aston Martin and at the end Panamera

mr house 21 January 2018

Just me that thinks the Porsche looks good? Not aston good but definitely better than the maserati

Sagar Varma 26 January 2018

should have raced with an m5 f10

Drive Music 01 February 2018

I like the fact that, when Hammond is trying to hear the Panamera in the tunnel, all you hear is the Maserati in the background.

PussMag 03 February 2018

that black Ferrari sedan, is the best of all three

Gauthier Plantevin 06 February 2018

3:35 Passing at 120 mph : « whou. »

arthur wouters 12 February 2018

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Happyface84 Aj 14 February 2018

I actually looove how the Porsche Panamera looks ❤️

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