Opel astra j ошибка p0236

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  • Дата публикации: 14 January 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:05:23


Bluudys Garage 14 January 2018

Brand new website and Car Tuning Parts Shop now open.

denniel123 yap 20 January 2018

I need to buy tc boost sensor for my nissan navara.

Scott Braithwaite 21 January 2018

Wants to get rid of shitty music in background

interdec 27 January 2018

That s not a MAP sensor. Manifold Absolute Pressure. If it were a MAP sensor, it would have a vaccum pipe between it and the inlet manifold, because the MAP sensor measures pressure, not volume.

khndenmark 31 January 2018

This is a MAP sensor boy a boost sensor is controlled by vacum hoses. Dont understand why you have 14T who follow you.

Serg Berst 01 February 2018

Can a boost sensor cause your car to not stsrt

JOSÉ SANTIAGO 05 February 2018

What products use carburetor clear

Viva America 10 February 2018

I m glad you are not a mechanic

Chris Montgomery 13 February 2018

Use a mild solvent or just a can of compressed air.

Gasmobile TV 17 February 2018

I think- its a air temp sensor?

Kweku Gyang 23 February 2018

Where can I fix p0299 on my vw golf 4

Phillip Cox 27 February 2018

ecn code 2279 and 105 on vauxhall astra 07 playe 1.7tdi. seen this video wondered if it would actually make a difference?

Ian Molton 03 March 2018

Err. thats not really going to fix anything. the bit on the outside is not the sensor element.

NorthernChev 10 March 2018

He lost me right at step one. I can t find my engine COO-VUH.

MAGA TIME 13 March 2018

you guys should really make clear in the video why you are cleaning this out for people who don t know.

Devil Thao 14 March 2018

lolz how do i even take the engine cover off lol

Club Mopar Celaya CMC 20 March 2018

that s not a Boost Sensor. it s a MAP sensor.

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