Nissan skyline and girl

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Michael Berenis 06 May 2018

Scenes: Girls intro: 2:23 First reaction: 3:45 Second reaction: 7:32 Third reaction: 10:43 Fourth reaction: 15:43

TheKon 09 May 2018

bunch of hicks lol why are they in a formation wtf they are making them act so awkward

Felicia Barnes 11 May 2018

It all seem cool until you realise the GTR is an automatic. None of the well-timed gear changes are him

Bill Drone 17 May 2018

Kim is really cute, but the second chick is hot, I wanna rock that boobs

JTD Kobra 21 May 2018

Not making a big deal but the only thing that I dislike about the new GTR are the front lights. Big, cool looking car but the front lights tho. From a nice parallelogram-shaped lights on the r-34 to long weird things on the r35 Mr Shiro Nakamura, what were U thinking? :(

Kobe the Honda Civic Type R Guy 27 May 2018

Stephanie Wilson and Mary F. White looked so hot in this video.

isaac b 30 May 2018

If I had a gtr I would probably tune it to 600 hp

saxil 03 June 2018

slow car. where im at, we get up to 180-200. amatur.

EliteSlayer542 05 June 2018

10:43 God damn shes hot. I wish more chicks would rock her style where I m from!

Katsche Flow-Zirkus 07 June 2018

9:02 That moment when she came.

maiseydoodle 12 June 2018

The creepy guy looks like he’s having an orgasm when he guns it. The Who thing is disturbing. Older guys trying to impress young girls with a fast car. Weird.

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