Ets 2 mercedes benz

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Dorä the Soviet Explorer 12 February 2018

I’m using the new Actros Gigaspace fully tricked out.

Snow Ballz 18 February 2018

Can I put a front wing and rear wing on it and paint it grey and blue?

Ratkobom 23 February 2018

can some one please tell me what the blue thing under the rpm gauge is please

Wee's Gaming 28 February 2018

I like the actros, bothered interior and exterior. Also a personal favorite. 👍👍👍

Youtube Hacker 06 March 2018

I don t know why I can t see any Mercedes trucks on my ets2

headz hntr 12 March 2018

I drive this truck daily in euro truck sim and i realy realy like it best in the game in my opinion

Jan Olsen 17 March 2018

Mercedes-Benz Actros Review (Euro Truck Simulator 2) Squirrel Squirrel

Chase Rowley 21 March 2018

what level do you have to be to get this truck?

james green 23 March 2018

May sound silly. But what do I need to get equipment wise to start euro truck? Never played games before.

3000tomas 29 March 2018

my mercedes have issing cockpit textures for the left driving sides. right side textures ok but left drivung no textures is that normal?

Daniela Durama 03 April 2018

if you have hack, you are my brother😂😂😂😂😂

Winchester Nolan 06 April 2018

what does the blue thing in the panel do? is that fuel gauge also?

peterpanda1970 12 April 2018

My lovely truck. Perfect for everything and everywhere except for the stability, sometimes over 70 mph it can be a bit dangerous in tight bends

Racingrcguy15 17 April 2018

I have this truck on ets2 it has 660,000km

Dizzi 19 April 2018

This is the video that made me buy ETS2, been playing it ever since lol

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