Аккумулятор на 211 мерседес

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Michael Brasco 10 May 2018

My positions on ignition 1 and 2 are the same.When I turn key to 1st position, all accessory light come on. This does not allow me to follow your instructions. Would you know the cause?

Valcu Eugen 14 May 2018

Hi, recently I got an 03 E500, tried to get in this hidden menu by pressing 3 times reset button, didn t work. Any one knows what might be the problem and is there any other way to get in to this menu so I could check battery? Thanks

Mary Burns 16 May 2018

How many voltage is needed to jumpstart your Mercedes battery when you re charging it

SPHINX144 22 May 2018

Is there a way to check the auxiliary battery this way?

daki yousef 24 May 2018

Mercedes E-Class W211 the car dosn t start

ZeestaR 28 May 2018

what is the normal engine temperature level for E 280 2008 Model? mine shows between 80-90 is that ok. thanks

atle weibell 31 May 2018

You need to be on the 0 km/h page for this to work. Step up/down until you get there, then three taps on the reset button will do.

Route0766 03 June 2018

Hello Ramon, Can you share how change the head light, parking light, and turn lights? Did you remove the bumper? Thank you so much in advance!

Raitis E. 09 June 2018

thanks, very useful, I was worried about battery. Now it shows 12.1V Hope it will withstand winter period

aforizmas 12 June 2018

I tried it on my w211 e270dci 2002 and it didnt work, any other suggestions how to check it?

Mercedes-E-Class.com 19 June 2018

For W212: Key in ignition, select default menu (odometer) > hold OK and pick up phone buttons for a few seconds (on the steering wheel).

Zakaria Qbbani 20 June 2018

I tried, but it didn t work on my E240 2003. Is there any other way to check?

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