A class sedan mercedes

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MrDzippen 09 May 2018

Front - Audi / Rear - BMW. hmmmmm

Shantanu Adkar 13 May 2018

Just a CLA with a different name

Jose Augustine 15 May 2018

sedan looks much better than hatch back

denkayushi 19 May 2018

Concept that s a good one Daimler, so funny

Jonny Jonny 24 May 2018

Jetzt kostet die a klasse soviel wie die c klasse, c wie e, e wie s usw das ist SCHEISSE! a und b waren kleine autos so sollte es bleiben

Whedii 28 May 2018

Damn i thought it was Lexus lol

박도현 03 June 2018

Why is there L versions in China? Why not in other markets? -.-

moon light moonlight 05 June 2018

Nice car. But why only in china. its imposible in Europa

Only Max 06 June 2018

Looks at the back like a lexus but it is very cool looking

naveed anjum 09 June 2018

Interior is rubbish.dont match with the exterior lines/curves

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