2012 e class mercedes

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Driver 81 03 March 2018

I bought the cheapest E Class in the country and the faults it had were pretty comical - I made a video about it here

wah panda 08 March 2018

the boot is massive for the mafia. duh or drug dealers.

David Sharples 12 March 2018

What is wrong with these presenters they all think they are comedians.

Ben Powe 16 March 2018

I bought the previous model after test driving both, the previous model felt better build and more luxurious than this one.

balkan avenger 18 March 2018

Why is it.when someone reviews a merc they always say it s handling is not up to bmw sportiness.since when is a bmw the benchmark saloon. Some people prefer luxury over sportiness.if this is not true,then why are mercs so desired

galaxyfazal 23 March 2018

Does anyone know what this song is please?

Ian Purcell 27 March 2018

So which is better, an s320 or the e class. For ultimate comfort.

Mike E 03 April 2018

I love your reviews a lot and one reason for that is also the year to year same model hint on the title of your video. Gives million conveniences in many aspects.

Chris Anderson 06 April 2018

If you are puff or you want drive puff car buy a micra then

Chris Anderson 13 April 2018

Be a Conservative is a good thing

TheNOGarcia 18 April 2018

In my opinion this design didn t age gracefully as much as the rest of Mercedes models.

Rohim Kaneshkumar 19 April 2018

has the mercedes e200 power enough

31Hosaf 25 April 2018

Can someone confirm that an remapped E220 is not the same as an E250? Does the E250 has stronger material? What about the looks? I know for example that on a BMW 330 and 325 they use different parts & the body is wider!

loo lolo 30 April 2018

Lexus GS 2011 raped it 7 times.

Raptorel 05 May 2018

Mat bumps into the rear view mirror at 0:10

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