Сканер obdlink lx на мазда сх 5

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  • Дата публикации: 28 February 2018
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Ben Weeks 28 February 2018

2014 and newer chevy s will work with the bluetooth version.

Chris Trick 04 March 2018

Can you see live oil Temperature with this? thanks

Khaled/A 08 March 2018

Hey friends, can I open the car door with this device >> me car van town and countre

Martin Freeman 13 March 2018

Can you connect the OBDLink LX to two devices simultaneously?

shane maloney 17 March 2018

LIFE HACK: Open up steering wheel housing, mount key with chip underneath wheel and reinstall housing. You can now use any key to start your car. Because you have the chip mounted inside housing. Also no remote start issues. If you have push to start/unlock obviously do not do this.

Phani Sainath 19 March 2018

Hei man great job. Just want to know i can find an application similar to that one you are using for indian manufactured car like Maruthi suzuki baleno

Shaimon Rahman 23 March 2018

Is it gonna work in my infinity g37x

Tommy Faulkender 30 March 2018

Hey man how did you black out your handles, decals and handles did you use plastidip or vinyl or something else?

skitzofranicfreak 02 April 2018

Will this work for an 03 altima? All the features you showed on this video?

Rocco 1 07 April 2018

So you buy it for 80$+ than pay 9.99$ in app to get some features and nothing is accurate. I m ase certified mechanic. And tried this cause of YouTube videos showed it s better than my $4k obd. THIS IS FAKE. Bullshit.

Rocco 1 11 April 2018

Fake technology. You can buy the same for 15$. This obd don t do anything your saying. Show step by step not cut the video and come back with magic. Engine codes and speed and rpm is all it gives you and they re not accurate

Qasim Mustafa Ali 17 April 2018

Is there anything like this for Ford?

Travion Sayles 21 April 2018

Where did you get those head lights. I’ve been looking for them

maxim jones 27 April 2018

Good work. It is very comprehensive

NOOR TJ 30 April 2018

Can somebody tell me how far it works? Can i use as a remote car starter from home

Marshall Border 04 May 2018

Interesting video but probably wouldn t buy the product, turning off warning lights on the dash is good but too many people that ll do it for free like Advance and Auto Zone. But now interesting!

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