Mazda cx 5 vs tiguan

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Igor Iaroshevych 12 February 2018

Peugeot 3008 has digital display in Base

David Whyte 14 February 2018

These vehicles are not on par. The spec has to much closer to convince me either way. The Tiguan is bigger and heavier than the Mazda.

francis2339 17 February 2018

cx 5 or tiguan who got the best lighting headlights low beam high beam?

Composure 19 February 2018

Japanese engineering at Its finest. Atleast Mazda has never lied about their cars like Volkswagen. I ll stick with Mazda

erodrig75 21 February 2018

You should change to sport mode to achieve 7,8

Rachel Dai 27 February 2018

Nice review. I was choosing between these two cars. I chose CX-5 and I love it. It is a great price and has everything I need and want in a compact suv. Perfect car for me. Tiguan is also beautiful

Tyrann 02 March 2018

Wow this is the best review comparison i ve seen yet! i wish you could do the american versions of these vehicles with their petrol engines since Diesel is not available for either of these suv s yet in north america :(

BLU 09 March 2018

Was TCS on or off on the roller test? TCS should be off.

BLU 15 March 2018

Lol volkswagen still lying about performance stats.

neospino1 21 March 2018

It s an amazing comparison, congratulations. Please, Which engine has the Tiguan?

Passion & Reason 22 March 2018

Glad to see a new video from you guys.your reviews are very good and deserve more subscriptions and channel interaction. Keep the good work going!

Kairat Matayev 27 March 2018

in the USA leader of this class CR-V

Raul Chilachava 30 March 2018

Who is this disliker? I will find you!))

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