Аккумулятор для мазда 3 2008

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Jay Y 05 May 2018

How could you possibly think that this video would be helpful. You didn t actually replace the battery. You just said how to do it. We watch YouTube videos to see how something is done. Waste of 3 min of my life

Mark Vaccher 07 May 2018

Ground those Negative lines to the anything bare steel. Never seen anyone run them back to the battery post.

BAZITUBE 12 May 2018

Is it the same for the new face? (2013) my battery died today :/

Junior Ramirez 17 May 2018

Never put a battery on the floor

Kevin Kempton 24 May 2018

35 years as mechanic and I can t tell you how cars we wiped away the grease and it fixed a battery connection issue. The heat of the engine eventually melts and gets between the connection. That s so old school. Especially vaseline

Angelica Ulloa 25 May 2018

Would this be the same process for the a 2004 Mazda 3?

DownwardSpark 08 28 May 2018

MAZDA 3 model 2006 key light is blinking so car start problem plz solve this problem

Matt Siedenburg 31 May 2018

Do you remember what wrench size the nuts on the terminals were?

Eric Moon 06 June 2018

You made this little DIY gig easy. Thanks!

edstar83 11 June 2018

Great video man. Subbed. I changed the battery on my 2006 mazda 3 now it doesnt peep when I drive without my seatbelt on. Also doesnt flash when I lock my car, only flashes when I unlock it. Its freaking weird. I connected negative first, then positive. Maybe I blew a fuse.

ghostlyrich 16 June 2018

Lol isnt that how it always is. you find what you were looking for later on.

Chris Padilla 21 June 2018

Where was this 2 months ago when I needed it! Great video though, I watched it anyway, to make sure I didnt do anything wrong.

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