Киа соренто 2010 мануал

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  • Дата публикации: 02 February 2018
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reallyslow944 03 February 2018

The shifter issue was exactly what I was looking for a solution on. Thanks for nailing it!

Cena1308 07 February 2018

hi is there a dual mass clutch on a 2005 sorento

Jerry Hesson 08 February 2018

What is the average price for new clutch on 06 sorento? Do u recommend new or used replacement?

ajacko son 13 February 2018

Can you please clarify why you needed to replace the clutch and what the symptoms were?

TheMozza76 15 February 2018

Thanks for this! Taking the gearbox out of a 2007 exact same issue with manual shift lever. There is a weight just above the top cover you removed stopping the full shift lever pulling out. Your fix helped get around this Thanks for the vid!

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