Киа пиканто ошибка р0741

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  • Дата публикации: 28 January 2018
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Verny Oliva 28 January 2018

excuse me and what about when the codes are p0742 and p0772

Penny Neiman 03 February 2018

Why aren t you troubleshooting the wiring and speed sensors first? Do you have a video for these?

Mike Wall 09 February 2018

Well Done SIr, Coming from a Professional Great Tech tips thanks

Tom Vedder 14 February 2018

Why do they have a towel covering up the old converter

Franken Peter 20 February 2018

Oh great so when i take my car to a shop they are probably gonna fix one thing and i ll have to keep coming back until they figure it out?

David Ha 26 February 2018

I paid $1700 to get my transmission rebuilt because of the P0741 Code.

dmorley100 03 March 2018

Would that torque converter bench test also work on other transmissions besides the Ford and Mazdas, provided you knew which holes to block for the front of the torque converter and the pump?

dmorley100 10 March 2018

Good job. Don t wait so long before posting new videos please.

MOHAAD AHMED 13 March 2018

Its really great video Ive seen fantastic thanks guys. Can i ask you another video about 6l80e trans plz.

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