E type jaguar series 1

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Allan Salmon 10 May 2018

Hmm, Mr D has a lot to say. Shame he s not only insulting but also ignorant. My Seriies 1 3.8 FHC definetly has glass headlight covers, and doesn t need to fall off a cliff to do 145mph. Just say n. Best wishes 😁

BuzzLOLOL 16 May 2018

Would be rare in UK, as only about 10 1961 models were allowed to be sold in UK.

DEEREMEYER1 22 May 2018

160 mph speedo. Hilarious. Must be an airspeed indicator because the only way those pieces of crap will break 120 is if they drive off a cliff.

Peter Brown 26 May 2018

It was the Yanks car regulations that said the headlights had to be open so the class cover was taken off, and that spoilt the look of the whole car. typical Yanks, they screw up our best sports car the same as the way they screw up every country they invade

steve gale 29 May 2018

Have a 3.8 fixed coupe, bought it new in 1961. It is in grey. Do not drive it much because it only does about 10mpg and to many jelouse jerks around wanting to key it.

Gary Forbus 03 June 2018

Has wrong wheels, Has flat wheels should be curly (sometimes called ripple wheels).

Melvin Salter 08 June 2018

This car has the series 2 smooth hub wire wheels. It should have the curvy hub style wire wheel.

keith7836 14 June 2018

If you watched the whole of the vid you would have seen the presenter explaning that the seats come from a Mazda MX5 num nuts.

Jukka Aunola 17 June 2018

These seats are not S1.not even a 1.5.seat back and head rest are incorrect shape.

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