Ford focus vs mazda 3

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forko 95 04 March 2018

I got a question is Mazda the same company as ford

CK07 10 March 2018

Really? The Mazda looks better? I think it looks a little 2010ish. 😕

Duncan Haskell 12 March 2018

I thought they were based on the same chassis? The last models were, at east in europe, same as Mazda 2 being based on the Fiesta, and 6 on the Mondeo.

Marcel Tansie 15 March 2018

Who hit Mazda without even watching!

Raw and Uncensored 20 March 2018

I own a 2011 Mazda 3i and I have to say.the Focus appeals to my taste more in looks, especially the interior. I m in the middle of getting a manual 2016 model. The Mazda still looks awsome, despite the underwhelming interior.Not t o mention that stupid ass push button start.

halo2092 23 March 2018

I would get a Mazda 3 but there are none available near me used so i will probably be going with the ford focus

Nezello 26 March 2018

2:54 even CC can t figure out what s in your MOUTH.

Genesis Jaylo 31 March 2018

The 3 is a lot better than the Focus. ❤️

King Zak 06 April 2018

Doesn t ford own Mazda or something. Both trash cars

King Zak 08 April 2018

Mazda interior looks plain and dated

Tool0GT92 11 April 2018

Why do they do these tests with the automatics? The focus s dual clutch is a pile that breaks all the time, but the manual is solid and works great.

Zeno D 12 April 2018

Comparing the looks doesn t make sense, it all comes down to personal preference. I personally think the Focus facelift is one of the best looking hatchbacks on the market. The classy daylight LED at the front is so beautifully done. And it s a damn good car to drive. So yes, it s the Focus for me!

T H-L 18 April 2018

They are so biased towards the Mazda. They both hate Fords.

xovux 21 April 2018

imo mazda makes really ugly ass cars rivaled by toyota. lol

Kyle Burdick 25 April 2018

My dad has the Mazda 3 and it s good, someone ran into the side of him and we got the Ford Focus se as a rental and its shit.

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