Форд фиеста 4 door седан

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:17:25


mikecav878 03 March 2018

Got a 2017 less than a year ago for $8,999. Great car for the money.

Desiko Setiawan 04 March 2018

I ll save 2 grands for modifications

maddgun 10 March 2018

Another $1,500 and you can get a Civic LX

Chrisdidwht 91 14 March 2018

I just bought a used one just 40k miles its a little more optioned but its a decent car. great gas mileage. I avg about 34 mpg

hktrucker 18 March 2018

i think i drove too much prius. Rented this car last month. I thought i was inside a rocket ship when i drove it.

DeadofWinter321 22 March 2018

If I remember correctly, in 2015, if you got the S model, you still got keyless entry, but no panic alarm. My 2013 Fiesta SE and 2014 Fiesta SE both do not have a panic alarm which I think is strange but I m used to it now.

Quille Sanders 28 March 2018

Great review man! It looks more like family type car. 👪 I plan on getting the 2015 Ford Fiesta. Im definitely subscribing to your channel man! 💯

Mr Anderson 04 April 2018

I like how bare bones it is, nice basic commuter car. My 2013 F150 STX has crank windows, they re honestly not that bad.

Starving Wolf 08 April 2018

I have a 2016 fiesta sedan and even in automatic they can be pretty quick, I m only financing at 220 a month which is amazing for what you get!

AustinBrayden 10 April 2018

Don t press the panic it s dangerous

Hala Heleu 16 April 2018

Ford in Coon Rapids Mn has these for 10.5 k new! On black friday last year they had the focus s manual for 12k. The focus is much better than this Fiesta. More dependable more hp is us made about the same mpg. The fiesta is made in Mexico its not even a very safe car.

michael S 21 April 2018

I bought one of these a 17 for my wife for 10200 6koff sticker with 10miles love it for what it is basic car.

UndeadProdigy 24 April 2018

If I went for a car right now with a 20k budget I would look at something like a focus sel

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