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Kwesi Nyarko 05 March 2018

plz when I on my Fridge it works well for one week after that it can t freeze again what should I do

James Falvey 11 March 2018

refrigerator will not stop running. gets plenty cold. could this be my issue?

oli ylo 12 March 2018

how to check/know if my thermostat is defective? my freezer is cold but the other door is not cold. i dont see any fan or coil behind my ref, i only see the compressor. appreciate your advise. thanks

Ada 17 March 2018

very helping video, I have a magic chef wine cooler, one guy checked and he said I need to clean up he filter and needs new relay, but no body wants to do the job. what can I do? I want to fix it.

NeroGJ 19 March 2018

Hello guys, I have a GE refrigerator profile, start making noises and then stop cooling enough and all the food went bad, I been told and what understand on your videos is the thermostat, how I can find it(on my fridge) and how much it would cost

Omar Mendez 22 March 2018

i have a maytag refrigerator and is overcooling the freezer and the food too by changing the defrost thermostat could potentially solve the problem?

EL DIESTRO DIY 24 March 2018

How we test this if working controlling properly the temperature

RepairClinic.com 30 March 2018

Gracias! We re glad you like them.

Gui Serbee 01 April 2018

My new igloo bar fridge cooling system only activates after I ve opened the door. When I first plugged it in, it worked but wouldn t reactivate unless I opened the door. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? Please let me know.

Rosario Castillejos 04 April 2018

El control de termostato que compré para mi refrigerador sólo trae un poco más anchas las pestañitas y trajo el paquetito con las terminales para adaptarlas (pues el que trajo el refrigerador son un poco más pequeñas y hay que sustituirlas. ¿Cómo puedo cambiar las terminales?

RepairClinic.com 07 April 2018

Thanks for the comment! If you need help figuring out what s wrong with your refrigerator visit the repair help section of our website and use our troubleshooting guides or talk to one of our Repair Gurus. I hope this helps and please let us know how everything turns out!

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