Engine fault repair needed на ситроен с4

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  • Дата публикации: 04 March 2018
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Arts&Trusts 05 March 2018

Great video. With this engine light that appeared on your car, did you happen to get a P code with it? e.g P0012 P0016 etc? thanks

chunhao Chang 11 March 2018

Hi Scotti, What error code will be show? I got the error codes P0299 and P2263. I am not sure that is the same issue.

tortillas5 12 March 2018

I am considering to buy a RCZ and your videos are awesome, i m really happy to see that people like you are willing to help others RCZ drivers!

Марко Мирковић 18 March 2018

I remove EGR valve fiscally and then remove it from computer. Now my car works like charm.

Alan Corna 23 March 2018

Hey scotti you dare to install this? (this is cut out exhaust system and I m interested in putting it in my rcz!)

Until Drive It 24 March 2018

check gofastbits valve, its amazing or use the vag group valve :)

benny704 31 March 2018

Hello Scotti I put an aftermarket valve on and the engine light came on. How do I solve this? Or should I not use an aftermarket one?

Mr B 03 April 2018

Hope it wasn t too expensive! :)

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