Видеорегистратор в bmw e60

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  • Дата публикации: 05 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:10:01


Michael LaGuardia 06 March 2018

Will this camera fit in E63 (BMW 645Ci)?

tommy hibbard 11 March 2018

how do you hard wire it to the fuse box for motion detection?

jc tirado 13 March 2018

does it work when the car is turned off?

Driving With Jake 19 March 2018

Do you have a link to buying this? Also I see that someone on here has edited their comment with a link that seems to be spamming all of your videos if that s not the link I d suggest removing it and putting the link in the video description :)

NatureIslander 20 March 2018

Will this work for E92 as well?

Ron Ramkirpaul 22 March 2018

Great tip on removing the visor clip to drop the headliner in order to get the overhead panel down. I cut up a few knuckles in the past with trying to get that thing off.

NoExpert 27 March 2018

hey, thx for the video. how did the wiring go? did you need to connect the module to get the camera to work?

Rex R 29 March 2018

I have seen this kit online but couldn t find any reviews on it. I am very interested to see what you think of the units performance.

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